Taylor Swift’s fans express concern as the singer appears to be unwell during her performance in Singapore

Taylor Swift fans experienced many remarkable moments during the second night of The Eras Tour in Singapore.

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The evening of March 3 marked the conclusion of the second night of Taylor Swift’s six-night series, The Eras Tour, in Singapore. This night saw more special events compared to the opening night. One notable occurrence was the appearance of Lisa from BLACKPINK in the audience, which generated excitement on social media. Lisa was accompanied by BLACKPINK staff and was seen heading backstage, sparking anticipation for potential interactions between the two famous female stars.

Moreover, attendees observed that the audience on the second night was more enthusiastic compared to the first night. Many noted that the first night had a large presence of celebrities, influencers, and TikTokers, leading to a less lively atmosphere compared to subsequent nights.

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Taylor Swift on Day 2 of The Eras Tour Singapore.

Another highlight was Taylor Swift’s live announcement during the concert about her upcoming studio album, “The Tortured Poets Department – The Black Dog version.” Swift fans swiftly speculated that “The Black Dog” could symbolize depression, leading to anticipation for a potentially somber, weighty, and introspective rendition exploring various psychological dimensions of the singer’s life.

A concerning observation made from the first night to the second night was the weather in Singapore, which has been hot and humid lately, accompanied by alternating showers and intense sunlight, creating an uncomfortable and humid environment. Taylor Swift was seen sweating profusely on stage, and at times, she even had to wear a fur coat, exacerbating the heat. Despite this, Taylor Swift continued to smile and successfully delivered her performances.

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Additionally, many viewers who attended the second night of the show noted that Taylor Swift appeared to be unwell, displaying symptoms such as occasional coughing and a voice that seemed affected, particularly during surprise song performances.

There are concerns that Singapore’s hot and humid weather may have impacted the health of the artist, who is currently on an extensive world tour. Taylor Swift is scheduled to perform her third show tonight (March 4), followed by two days of rest (March 5-6) before concluding the tour with the last three nights (March 7-8-9).

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